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Started on January 04th, 2016.

We’re unlike any other pet groomer you have been to in the past. Our mission is to provide and guarantee your pet’s comfort, safety and wellness as they are our number one priority.

Bonnieland is the place where we would like your puppy to feel like part of a family with gentle attention and lots of cuddling. We have an open-space environment with beds, toys and fresh water all the time. We take the time to get to know the personality and special needs in order to provide individual care.

Rosanna Mohler (Owner of Dog Grooming Calgary)

Rosanna Mohler is the owner of the Bonnieland and Dog Grooming Calgary, expertly skilled in advanced European style. She had been grooming in Europe before starting her own business in Calgary. First of all, Rosanna loves and understands dogs and their needs. This is the main reason why she becomes a groomer.

She has 2 years old cavatzu(cavalier/shih tzu mix) girl Bonnie. Little Bonnie has her own job in the shop welcoming all your fur babies and entertains them. We call her “Entertainment Manager”.

Monica Simontowski also works as a groomer. She has got 15 years of experience in Alberta and BC. She does an awesome job in breed cuts and teddy bear cuts. She had dogs for all her life and right now she is mum to teacup Pomeranian Foxy.

Come and meet us, we go above and beyond to guarantee your pet`s comfort and great look after grooming experience in Bonnieland.

We believe our team at Dog Grooming Calgary offers a superior service to our community; taking pride in education and safety. We use all natural, biodegradable and environmentally safe products. This includes the quality shampoo and conditioner your pet is bathed in; the cleaners used to wash the floor, kennels, tables and the equipment used on your pet.

Our team attends many continuing education seminars here in the city and we also fly out to attend the larger shows to continue to offer our clientele a quality salon service.

Please take a few moments to look through our menu above, you can find out more about our services, who our team is, as well as some great educational information.

Thank You for trusting your fur kid(s) into our care. We truly believe we have the best job in the world and your trust gives us the confidence to strive to be the best stylists we can be

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