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BATH & BRUSH (includes deshedding):

Size Price
Small Dogs starting from $ 25
Medium Dogs starting from $ 40
Big Dogs starting from $ 65


BATH & TIDY (includes deshedding, sanitary trim, face trim, tidying of feet and tail):

Size Price
Small Dogs starting from $ 40
Medium Dogs starting from $ 50
Large Dogs starting from $ 75

Dog Wash/Bath Calgary (Learn more about our Dog Wash/Bath service)


KENNEL CUT ( 3 different lengths on coat to choose..short-cut all over body and legs):

Size Price
Small Dogs starting from $ 57
Medium Dogs starting from $ 70
Large Dogs starting from $ 85
Standard poodle $ 95

TEDDY BEAR CUT/BREED CUT (5 different lengths on coat to choose):

Size Price
Small Dogs starting from $ 62
Medium Dogs starting from $ 75
Large Dogs starting from $ 95
Standard poodle $ 105



This service includes: bath and dry, brush snd comb out, sanitary trim, facial trim, specific cut for specific breed all over body and legs, nail trim, ear cleaning, eye cleaning
(anal glands/ ear plucking by request)

Size Price
Small Dogs Starting from $60
Medium Dogs Starting from $70
Large Dogs Starting from $90
Standard poodle $100


Service Price
Cats…shave or lion cut without bath $65
Cats…shave or lion cut with bath $75
Cats…bath and brush $55



Size Price
Small Dogs $10
Big Dogs $15
Dremeling Nails additional + $5

Learn more ( Dog Nail Clipping Calgary )



Size Price
Small Dogs $5
Big Dogs $10




  • All prices are exclusive of tax.
  • Please understand that all prices are dependent on the condition of your pet’s coat and size of your pet.
  • For all our regular clients we will nail trim, satin area trim or facial trim for free in-between two appointments.


For More Information about our services or pricing, give us a call @ (587) 997-6274.


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